Brother from another mother? Sister from another mister?

We love visitors! If you want to do a drop-in just holler by choosing the button you prefer and we'll fix you up! Visiting for a longer period of time? Talk to us and we'll make it work!

Psst! We also have an Osteopath and Massagetherapist if you need your body taken care of!

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19,9 per time
  • Drop in just says it all!

Just a little bit

19,9 /month
  • More than 2 workouts during your stay? this is your option
  • Low once-a-month fee
  • drop in fee reduced 50%


99,9 /month
  • Unlimited workouts!


79,9 /month
  • 10 workouts per month or about 2 workouts per week

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